Surfest Women crowdfunding champion Col Law wins award

Surfest Women Crowdfunding Champion

Surfest coordinator and 2007 Newcastle Business Club business person of the year Warren Smith said, ‘Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Awards of the Newcastle Business Club. We are especially pleased to congratulate our Surfest women’s WSLQS event crowdfunding champion Col Law for his award of Newcastle Business Person 2018 and thank him for his outstanding dedication and work to bring the community together in support of the Surfest Women’s Pro.

Newcastle Business Club president Holly Martin said the winners of this year’s awards were “great examples of people and businesses that truly want to see Newcastle and the Hunter shine.

The contribution of the winners to our community cannot be denied and it was a pleasure to be able to recognise them in front of a sold out crowd,” she said.

Picture: Purser Corporate Communications