Grandstand Physio Women’s Pro

Following on from the highly successful Surfest crowd funding initiative in 2016 & 2017, the 2018 crowd funded naming rights sponsor of the Surfest Women’s Pro is Grandstand Sports Clinic.

Grandstand Sports Clinic is a physiotherapy business located in the Newcastle beachside suburb of Merewether. Specialising in sports physio and injury management, the centre was established five years ago and includes a dynamic team of four highly experienced physiotherapists and state-of-the art equipment that support a growing client base.

Its directors, Cassie Zane and Anthony Ingram are among the industry’s most experienced and respected physiotherapists who are committed to setting new standards in injury prevention and recovery.

Ms Zane said that it was a great honour to be part of the unique crowdfunding initiative in support of women’s sport.
“We are really proud to be part of the event and one of 85 local organisations that believe in working together to ensure that Newcastle offers a world class event for sports women,” Ms Zane said.

“We have a tremendous opportunity as the naming right sponsor of the event to champion the value of sport in our community and on the world stage,” she said.

Grandstand is proudly part of its community and is honoured and humbled by the opportunity to be part of one of the world’s leading sporting competitions – the 2018 Surfest Women’s Pro.

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Surfest Organiser Warren Smith said, “On behalf of Surfest I sincerely thank all the participants of the Surfest 2018 crowd funding for the World Surf League (WSL) QS6000 Women’s event. To bring together 85 businesses from the Newcastle community for the third year is an outstanding achievement and a credit to Colin Law and his team of organisers and our Surfest team. The support for the crowd funding was fantastic with many participants returning again from 2017. This is a real tribute to the Novocastrian spirit to ensure Surfest presents a WSL QS6000 Women’s Event in 2018.”

“Women’s surfing deserve to have a WSL QS6000 event as part of Surfest and these surfers are great role models for our young up-and-coming surfers. To see the worlds best female surfers competing at Merewether beach is such a rewarding experience for all involved in the crowdfunding. Congratulations to Grandstand Sports Clinic for winning the naming rights to the 2018 Surfest Women’s Pro. We look forward to welcoming the female surfers from all around the world to compete at Merewether beach in the Grandstand Physio Women’s Pro. Good luck to all competitors and we hope you enjoy your time here in Newcastle. Thanks again to all the participants of the Surfest 2018 crowd funding, your support is greatly appreciated.”

Colin Law, who was the brains behind the crowd funding initiative said, “The value of Surfest to our local region, has again been highlighted by the willingness of local businesses to show financial support, that ensures the 2018 Women’s Pro can be presented as a QS6000 event. Recognising the benefit of attracting the world’s best athletes to Newcastle, the globally unique crowd funding model, has again seen 85 local businesses come together to fund the event. Each year the crowd funding initiative seems to have a new wave of momentum, with a core of about 55 businesses participating for their 3rd straight year. By establishing a platform that deepens the relationship between Surfest and its community, some amazing outcomes and stories have occurred well beyond what we could have imagined when the crowd funding idea was born! 2018 is shaping up as being even better again!”

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